Tamron AF Di 28-75mm f/2,8 SP Zobacz większe

Tamron AF Di 28-75mm f/2,8 SP

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Tamron AF Di 28-75mm f/2,8 SP

Fast, ultra-compact mid-range zoom

The smallest and lightest standard lens of its class. Its luminosity makes "Available Light" photography an absolute pleasure. It belongs to the Super performance ( SP) class of Tamron lenses distinguished by ultra high optical and mechanical quality. It has very good resolution capability, strongly reduced light fall off up to the edges, minimized chromatic aberration and very good stray light behavior. Sharp and excellent pictures are the result. Furthermore, the depth of field which is rather wide due to the construction of the digital image sensors can be reduced by the big diaphragm aperture. This leads to new creative possibilities (e.g., motive stands out in front of a dramatically attractive blurred background).

The designation "Di" (Digitally Integrated Design) marks a generation of lenses, which have been specially adapted to the higher requirements of digital SLR cameras (APS-C and full frame).

Please note: From June 2008 available with a „built-in" motor in order to also serve users of new Nikon cameras which require a „built-in" such as the Nikon D40, D40X and D60. The new version (Model A09NII) replaces the previous version (Model A09N).

Dane techniczne

Zdjęcie / WideoZdjęcie
Typ ustawiania ostrościAuto Focus
Format pokrycia obiektywuPełna klatka, APS-C
Minimalna przysłona32
Średnica73 mm
Rozmiar filtra (okrągły) (mm)67 mm
Mocowanie obiektywu / kameryCanon EF, Nikon F
Stabilizator obrazuNie
Maksymalna przysłona2.8
Minimalna ostrość (cm)33 cm
Łopatki przesłony7
Długość (mm)92 mm
Elementy soczewki / grupy16/14
Długość ogniskowej28-75 mm
Maksymalne powiększenie (x)1:3.9 x
Waga (g)510 g