Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II Mica/Pixel Camo Moro

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Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II Mica/Pixel Camo

The redesigned Flipside AW II series brings a similar look and feel throughout the line with fabric and design upgrades including laptop/tablet capacity in all sizes, while retaining the security and ease of access of our signature flipside design.

  • High-Capacity, dynamic storage system adjusts to fit a wide range of gear plus dedicated laptop storage.

  • Signature flipside design provides increased security through body-side points of entry and full access to gear without setting the bag down.

  • Full structure and padding with All Weather AW™ Cover provide premium protection from the elements.

    Flipside body-side access allows you to get your gear without putting the bag down. Carries DSLR camera kit or easily configured for a drone, such as the DJI Mavic. Padded interior top pocket for cords and chargers. A built-in All Weather AW Cover™ may be deployed from a pocket at the bottom of the pack for extra protection from rain, snow, dust and sand.


  • DSLR camera with up to 300mm mounted lens, 4-6 additional lenses and flash or compact drone

Or the drone version

  • DJI Mavic


  • Mid-Size Tripod
  • 15" Laptop & 10" Tablet

Dane techniczne

Kolor - Czarny, Szary, Zielony
Obszary użytkowania - Wideo, Podróże, Natura, Morski, Polowanie, Dron i Quad FPV, CSC, Kompaktowy, Ptak, Akcja
Serie toreb - Flipside
Waga (g) - 1500 g
Na każdą pogodę - Tak
Wymiary zewnętrzne (gł x szer x wys) - 290 x 490 x 150 mm
Szerokość wewnętrzna (mm) - 290 mm
Wysokość wnętrza (mm) - 425 mm
Głębokość wnętrza (mm) - 150 mm